Shampoo & Conditioner: We leave these both on for 5 minutes.  There is a science to maintaining a dogs skin and coat. Cleaning the coat and pours of the skin thoroughly, then nourishing and protecting is crucial to the health of the dog.

Blow-Dry: It is very important to us to get the coat completely dry.  If it remains wet, your dog is more prone to skin conditions and future matting. 

Nail Trimming: It’s is extremely important to clip your dogs nails at least every 8 weeks, this is due to the fact that the quick will grow longer and it could cause the inability to get the nails to a desired healthy length. Also, neglect can cause splayed feet.

Ear Cleaning: We use a safe cleaning solution in the ears during the bathing process.  Also, breeds requiring haircuts more often than not also grow inner ear hair. Groomers can remove this hair at owner’s request. There is however a debate if this should be done. We recommend speaking with your vet if you have any questions about having the hair removed. We give you this option in our Questionnaire.

De-Shedding: Every dog needs De-Shedding, especially your double coated breeds.  We do our best to leave as much hair in our grooming salon and less in your home.  Some dogs shed all year round and some seasonally.  Once we determine your dog’s cycle, we can make a plan that works for you.

Anal Gland Cleaning: Sometimes owners notice their pet scooting its butt on the ground. This can be an indication of full anal glands. Anal glands are sacs located at the 4:00 and 8:00 position under the dog’s anus. They should empty whenever your pet has a bowel movement. If they don’t, they can become full and infected. There is some controversy surrounding whether they should or should not be manually emptied. If you have a question, check with your veterinarian. We give you this option in our Questionnaire.

Brushing: (Minimal Matting 15 minutes)  Brushing out a dog without matting is painless.  Our goal is to maintain this positive experience for your dog.  If your dog is matted to a point that it would not be easy to brush out the matts, it would be necessary to shave your dog and start fresh.  Brushing out a fully matted dog could be very painful for the dog and time consuming. 

Clipping, Styling and Scissoring the Face, Body, Tail, Sanitary, Feet and Pads:  This is the Haircut part of the groom where the fun begins.  We get to shape and sculpt, your fur baby.