Asking the Right Questions Will Ease Your Mind

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, especially if your pet has any medical needs or issues, such as arthritis or allergies.

WHERE WERE YOU TRAINED? Our owner & groomer, Lisa Fiore is fully professionally trained from a New York State Department of Education approved certification program, Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy in Clifton Park, NY (Now known as New York Academy of Pet Styling).  This is not required in the State of New York.  Lisa also is certified in CPR training and has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine art and Design.  The combination of knowledge of skin and coat, safety procedures and artistic ability is unique.

WHEN DO YOU OFFER GROOMING? We are open 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday.  If you have special needs that do not fall within these times, please call us rather than scheduling online and we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

WHAT DOES A GROOM INCLUDE?  Shampoo & Conditioner, Blow Dry, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, De-Shedding, Anal Gland Cleaning-If Requested, Brushing (15 Minutes, Minimal Matting), Clipping, Scissoring, Styling; Face, Body, Tail, Sanitary, Feet & Pads. Styles are based on breed standards and/or your specific requests.

LATEST APPOINTMENT? We are willing to take appointments as late as 5pm.

PRICING STRUCTUREWe start at a price based on the size of your dog.  The price may be higher if the groom takes longer, for example, if your dog has significant matting, or anxiety leading to behavioral issues.  Our goal is excellence in caring for your fur baby’s mental and physical well-being along with providing a great groom.  This is why we can’t solidify a price until a full Signature Groom is complete.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GROOM? Long coat (haircut dogs) and Medium coat (de-shed dogs) usually get groomed in 4, 6, or 8 week increments.  Short coat dogs can usually get groomed every 12 weeks.   Also, for haircut dogs, the length of the coat and the maintanance of brushing and combing between grooms, can make a difference of how often grooming is necessary.

MY DOG’S HAIR IS KNOTTED/MATTED We clip very short getting under the matting. Since comfort and safety are our priority, we determine if matts can be brushed out. We use a special shampoo to help sooth irritation, yet matts can rest so tightly against the skin, it takes a really short blade to clip between the skin and matts. We are very careful, yet injury may occur (your dog can get nicked, just like when you cut yourself shaving).

WHAT IF MY DOG HAS BEHAVIOR ISSUES? We come up with a plan that works for you.  The best solution would be training with a consultant, reinforced by you.  This is because your dog is with you more than anyone.  Also, I would recommend coming in for grooms, more often and we will do small amounts at at time.  This will help to get your fur baby use to the our process and bond with our groomer.  If it is too dangerous for your dog or our groomer, we will recommend a vet with a groomer, where your dog will have immediate medical attention, if the need arises.

DO YOU USE MUZZLES? Muzzles are a last resort at our spa, yet may be necessary to protect the groomer.  Our goal is to make the groom as comfortable as possible so eventually the muzzle is no longer needed. Please bring your own muzzle if you know it’s needed. Note: Muzzle training is important for every dog (even dogs that do not normally bite). If your dog is ever injured, you can safely muzzle them (all dogs can bite if in pain). This helps to associate the muzzle as a “good thing”.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR MY PET’S SAFETY? To provide the highest level of care, we have a safety policy.  If your experiences nervousnous, anxiety, aggressiveness, is scared or even overly silly, we will slow down and help your pet become comfortable and calm. We use sharp tools and need to prevent injuries, therefore this is necessary.  Also, we have the latest equipment for keeping your dog as safe as possible.

WHAT ARE YOUR EMERGENCY PROCEDURES? If an injury or accident should happen, we call you right away, that is why we require lots of telephone numbers to reach you.  We are also trained in C.P.R. and have first-aid supplies such as gauze, bandages, peroxide, and antibiotic cream on-site to treat your pet if needed.   After treating with the above supplies, if medical care is necessary, we will call and drive your dog to your vet.

WILL YOU GROOM A MEDICATED OR SEDATED DOG? Vets sometimes prescribe medication for dogs to be groomed. This is not our preference as groomers. The medication may prevent the dog’s body from reacting, while their brain is functional, creating even more frustration.  You can calm your dog through exercise and training (to try to correct a behavior).  Also, you may want to talk to your vet about remedies such as CBD oil.  The final resort is referring you to a groomer at a vet’s office.

SHOULD MY DOG GET TRAINING? Puppy Training and Adult Training, can make the grooming process less stressful.  Also, your dog will be happier, more confident, well-rounded and it improves owner/dog relationships.  Besides a professional trainer, if necessary, we may give you homework to desensitise your dog for the grooming process.  This works amazing if you take the time to do it, and your dog will be much happier during the grooming process.

DO YOU GIVE FLEA BATHSWe only give a Flea Bath in an Emergency to prevent the spread of fleas in our salon.  Flea Bath’s do not solve the problem.  Please talk to your vet about using a flea and tick preventative 12 months a year.  Also, please inspect your pet for fleas prior to the groom.  The first time we encounter fleas we will provide a flea bath.  The second time we will call you to pick up your pet without grooming.  There will be charges for this service, which depends on severity, for your dog and the grooming area.

CAN MY DOUBLE COATED DOG GET SHAVED DOWN? As Certified Professional Dog Stylists, we recommend against shaving double coats short, unless there is extreme matting or you have a note from your vet.  This can drastically lower the dog’s body temperature leading to serious or life-threatening issues.  Also, depending on the time in a hair growth cycle, this can damage the coat for life.  Think of their coat as insulation in a house; it keeps them warm for winter and cool for summer.  A proper groom schedule to remove undercoat and maintenance between grooms can cool your pet!

WHEN SHOULD MY PUPPY  GET GROOMED? It is good to have your puppy become familiar with grooming as early as possible after the first set of puppy shots, usually 12-16 weeks.  This will help your pup learn at an early age that grooming can be a pleasant experience.  We also have a puppy program and discuss our process, desensitization, and your role to help create a calm, comfortable, and cooperative dog for grooming.

WHAT IF I AM NEW TO YOUR SALON? Dogs might come with “baggage” we have to work through.  Every grooming shop and dog is different.  After the initial groom we may provide homework to work on before the next groom.

IS MY PET TOO OLD TO BE GROOMEDOlder dogs often need special care and attention.  For “Senior Citizen” dogs, the stress of grooming may cause latent, unknown or inactive conditions.  Therefore, we recommend the style be kept short and easy to maintain to keep the grooming process to a minimum amount of time.  At ten years old, your dog is considered a senior and if we see too many signs of stress or pain, we may refer you to a groomer at a vet, where they have the ability to treat your dog immediately if a health issue arises. 

WHAT ARE ANAL GLANDSSometimes owners notice their pet scooting it’s butt on the ground.  This can be an indication of full anal glands.  These are sacs located at the 4:00 and 8:00 position under the dog’s anus and should naturally empty with each bowel movement.  If they don’t, they can become full and even infected.  There is controversy regarding manually emptying them.  If you have a question, check with your veterinarian.

WHAT IS INNER EAR HAIR? Breeds requiring haircuts more often than not, grow inner ear hair.  This can trap moisture and bacteria causing health issues.  Groomers can remove this hair at owner’s request.  There is a debate whether this should be done.  We recommend speaking with your vet if you have any questions.  We give you this option in our Questionnaire.

HOW OFTEN DO NAILS NEED TRIMMING? It’s is extremely important to clip your dog’s nails at least every 8 weeks, this is due to the fact that the quick will grow longer and it could cause the inability to get the nails to a desired healthy length. Also, neglect can cause splayed feet.  For more information about these issues, please speak to your vet.

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF DE-SHEDDING? De-Shedding removes the dead undercoat to allow the skin to breathe.   This is especially important for double coated breeds.  We do our best to leave as much hair in our shop and less in your home.  Some dogs shed all year round and some seasonally.  Once we determine the shed cycle of your dog, regular maintenance is critical for the health of the skin and coat.  Also, regular brushing is crucial to get the natural oils to nourish the coat.

HOW IS MY DOG DRIED? We prefer hand drying all dogs with a variable speed, high velocity dryer.  This allows us to get a better finished look as well as giving us a chance to get a good look at your dog’s skin to asses any potential health issues.  Since this dryer is loud we use a stretchy terry cloth wrap, to cover their ears.  If your dog still does not tolerate this method, we will use a warm finish dryer which takes longer.  It is very important to us to get the coat as dry as possible to maintain healthy skin and coat. 

CAN YOU GROOM THE BREED STANDARD? Our groomer is familiar with the breed standards.  We usually modify this depending on your lifestyle and the maintenance required.  Also, we encourage you to bring in pictures of a previous groom or desired look.

WHAT IF I WANT SOMETHING CHANGED? Your satisfaction is very important to us!  If you notice something at pick up, we can often take care of it for you prior to leaving.  If you notice something after you leave, we ask that you give us a call within 24 hours so we can arrange a time to tweak the groom while it is still relatively fresh.

WHY DOES MY DOG SHAKE? Much like kids in preschool, once you are gone they settle in and get comfortable.  We always allow the dog to roam around and smell the salon a bit to familiarize themselves with the environment during the Meet & Greet.  Also, dogs are very intuitive and will pick up any anxiety, so it is important that we be calm and reassuring.

CAN I SEE YOUR GROOMING SPACE? We encourage you to come to our Free Meet & Greet.  You will see our grooming salon and state of the art safety equipment.  This is where we meet and bond with your fur baby, understand your goals, explain our process and answer any questions you may have.  Also, since we renovated a tiny house as our grooming salon, the space is open, therefore you see the grooming area at drop off and pick up for each groom.

HOW IS THE SPACE CLEANED? We use Melaleuca products to clean our salon and disinfect the table and tub between each families grooms.  These are products that are child and animal safe.  We also have an industrial air purifier running at all times to keep the air as clear as possible of dander and other allergens.

DO YOU ACCEPT TIPS? Absolutely, tips are always appreciated.

WHAT IF I NEED MY PET TO STAY LONGER? We have a time keeping policy due to the fact that our goal is “one family’s dogs at a time and no assembly line of barking dogs”.  We believe each family deserves to know that their dog is being cared for in a special, individualized session.

We Truly Appreciate Your Cooperation!  

We Strive To Make All Of Our People Clients and Doggie Clients as Happy As Possible!