Dremel Nail Filing: We use the best Dremel for your dog’s nails. This is a rotary tool that works by grinding your dog’s nails down leaving a smooth finish. This is a good alternative for dogs who dis-like having their nails clipped by nail clippers, though the noise they make does take some getting used to.  The end result is like when you file your own nails instead of just leaving them sharp and brittle by just using a nail clipper.

Mani & Pedi Nail Paw-lish: An easy way to add a POP of COLOR to your fur baby’s nails!!!  They will love the attention!!! We use Warren London Dog Nail Polish. They believe that “Every dog deserves a spa day!” Their products are all show-dog quality and great for pampering your pup. Their focus is natural ingredients that minimize your dog’s exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Your dog deserves only the best.