About Us

Professionally Trained

We Love Our Fur Babies!

Our owner & groomer, Lisa Fiore is fully professionally trained from a New York State Department of Education approved certification program, Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy in Clifton Park, NY (now known as New York Academy of Pet Styling).  This is not required in the State of New York.  Lisa also is certified in CPR training and has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine art and Design.  The mixture of safety, quality and beauty is very important to her.

“…..skin, coat and overall mental and physical health”

Originally a self-taught groomer for a dozen plus years, Lisa recognized that Grooming is not just a bath and a hair-cut and decided to create a dog spa in a tiny house here in Upstate New York.  Skin, coat and overall mental and physical health of your fur baby is also a big part of the grooming process.  This gave her the urgency to learn as much as she could for both the health and safety of the dog and for her personally.  Studying under Michele Kennedy and her Colleagues at Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy was the key.  Michele is an International Certified Master Groomer and Certified Canine Esthetician with just under 40 years’ experience.  Lisa uses the products and procedures Michele taught her, for the breed coat type.  She also alters the “breed standard” styles for your pet’s lifestyle and maintains the coat to your liking.  We strive to be the best dog groomer in our area.

Lisa Fiore, Owner & Groomer

Our Mascot

Our Liver Shih-Tzu

Bam Bam is our Liver Shih-Tsu.  He is a sweet boy who loves kisses and sits on the grooming table like a Bonsai Tree!  

“My mommy will love you so much, just like me”

He is 3 years old and is in an “Asian Fusian Cut”.

"Lil Guy Bam Bam"